Luxury jewels inspired from the world, designed and assembled in Italy with passion and dedication. A story to write and to tell with you, Kīmatī.

Be human, be The One

From the mixing of cultures, shapes and colors, artisan traditions and experience in the search for the best materials in order to guarantee a unique beauty so resistant, so significant, born The One*.

Our concept of beauty is inspired by the beauties world offers us, the rustling of the trees, the peace of a sunset, the shine of the minerals, the sound of the sea waves, the words transmitted by the glances, the fears transmitted by smiles.


Having one of the 100s The One in the world means supporting through your purchase the great human project of Take Care Kids to save Thai children from violence and abuse.


*Only 100 pieces in the world.

History & Supernatural

Agate comes from the Greek « Achates », ancient name of the river Dirillo, located in Sicily, whose banks were rich in this stone.

Depending on the color variety, the agate binds to one of the four elements. Black agate is associated with fire was considered sacred in ancient times.

Plinio claimed that it would make the athletes invincible and Alberto Magno, famous scholar of the Middle Ages, attributed to the gem the power to avoid the dangers and win the challenges.


The shine of the polished black agate turns out to shine with every reflection of light, providing a surface so smooth to the touch that the experience of wearing it is unique.

The measurement of perfectly round minerals is 8 mm in diameter, assembled along an 0,8mm ultra-flex stretch cotton cord to ensure resistance and longevity to our jewel.

The steel inserts used as spacers provide harmony and sinuous curves, making our mala unique. 

Crystal therapy

This amulet promotes inner stability and maturity. It helps to recognize real desires and is a symbol of love and fidelity.

It gives inspiration and protects from negative influences, strengthening the connection with the earth.

An agate is a useful jewel if you are looking for an amulet of protection while traveling.


The role of ambassador of our first Kimati’s The One release is very important because it means promoting not only a single product, but a bigger purpose.

Sonia Couling before being an enterprising woman and strongly present in the television scene of South East Asia, before being a professional sportswoman, is the mother of a wonderful son, is a woman with a great inner strength and with great human respect. And her daily sacrifices have allowed her to live an extraordinary life, to know and discover the world. And it is a pleasure for Kimati to carry on a human purpose with a wonderful woman called Sonia.

We believe that those who can do more must do more

We have created our products with extreme refinement enhanced by Italian artisanal production.

Being placed in the luxury market is not only a responsibility linked to the quality of the product, but also presents a great ethical responsibility in relation to the choices we make.

Kimati decided to support a Take Care Kids Onlus and Thailand Foundation which was created to safe and protect children and in certain cases single mothers with children from violence and various forms of severe abuse and to help them rebuild their lives and a new future. 

They born in Italy but they are operating in Thailand in the city of Pattaya. It was founded in 2006 and is officially recognized by the Thailand Ministry of Social Welfare since March 2010 as non-profit, charity organization, operating since early 2018 as Foster Home.

We have decided to support this cause because we want a better world. We will make 100 The One and each of the 100 people who will have the opportunity to have one, will help to support our cause, for a fairer, more just world.